"Lion’s Share Wealth" utilizes a financial tool called Insurance Contracts (IRS Code § 7702, US Code 26 Section 101). Coined a Rich Man’s Roth, a properly structured Insurance Contract allows tax-free growth and tax-free retirement without the contribution limits or income limits of a Roth.

If you have Qualified Money (401[k], IRA, SEP, 457), we can Rollover those funds penalty-free and tax-free. You can allocate those funds into many asset classes without restriction, including marketable securities, alternative investments, and more. By allocating your Rollover into Insurance Contracts, you’re creating the ultimate hedge against Taxes and Inflation.

Utilizing a Deferred Sales Trust in conjunction with an Insurance Contract, you can sell an asset without paying taxes now and use the proceeds tax-free. Assets can be Crypto, Real Estate, Precious Metals, Collectibles, or a Business.

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Liquidate Asset with Tax-Preferred Status

Rollover Qualified Accounts

Eliminate Debt in 1/3 the Time

Leverage Insurance Contracts to Supercharge Growth

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Benefits of a properly structured Insurance Contract

Mitigate or Potentially Eliminate Taxes when Selling an Asset

Rollover Qualified Money Penalty-Free and Tax-Free

Tax-Free Retirement

Tax-Free Growth

No Penalties, Prohibited Transactions, or Early Withdrawal Fees

Virtually No Contribution Limits or Income Limits

Protected Principal


Competitive Internal Rate of Return

“Over and over again, courts have said there is nothing sinister in so arranging one’s affairs as to keep taxes as low as possible.”
-Court Ruling by Circuit Judge Learned Hand, 1947

Palmer Czaplicki, Founder

“Welcome to ‘Lion’s Share Wealth," where I provide you with the education and legal structures to take control of your financial future. I believe everyone should have access to the same strategies as the ultra-wealthy.

I will educate you on the financial secrets the ultra-wealthy have been using for decades. Then, I will assist you in facilitating the same legal structures and tax strategies that the ultra-wealthy use to keep more of what they earn.

Bottom Line: I do this to help everybody, regardless of your net worth. I love changing people's lives by ensuring a more secure financial future.”

To your Health, Wealth & Happiness.